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Sri Sri visits Purnia, takes stock of relief operations

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visited flood-affected areas of Purnia and Madhepura

Renowned spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on Thursday, visited different relief camps in the flood-affected areas of Purnia and Madhepura in Bihar to bring solace to the survivors and take stock of the relief operations undertaken by the Art of Living.

Sri Sri walked in knee-deep water for 3 km from Jankinagar in the Purnia district to Murliganj in the Madhepura district to interact with the victims. Sri Sri, who arrived in Purnia in the morning, counselled the victims taking shelter in the Jankinagar Phulwari camp, where the Art of Living is taking care of nearly 5,000 people.

Later addressing a large gathering of 10,000 people from nearly 50 surrounding villages, Sri Sri advised them to maintain a positive outlook towards life despite the devastation. “Make best use of your stay in the camps under difficult circumstances. As it’s going to take some more time for the waters to recede and the rehabilitation process to materialise, utilise the time here to learn new skills,” he said. He announced that the Art of Living would provide vocational training to women in the camps. It has already started training in tailoring skills at the Jankinagar camp. Sri Sri also said the Art of Living would start a campaign to teach reading and writing to illiterate people staying in the camps.

He extracted a commitment from the people not to practice female foeticide and to stop harassment of women. He announced that the youth of the area would be trained under the Art of Living’s Youth Leadership Training Programme so that they can shoulder the responsibility of rehabilitation in the area. Urging the people not to lose heart, Sri Sri cited the example of Nagapattinam, which was completely devastated by the tsunami in 2004, and now has been completely rebuilt. “See this devastation as the foundation of a new rebuilding,” he said.

Many of the victims shared that they were feeling relieved after attending the trauma relief sessions offered by the Art of Living. Sri Sri also lauded the good work done by the Art of Living volunteers, particularly the doctors, who have come from different parts of India and abroad. Earlier in the morning, the District Magistrate of Purnia, C Sridhar received Sri Sri on his arrival.

Within hours of the flood that has affected an estimated 3.5 million people, the Art of Living has been carrying out a multi-pronged relief operation in the flood-affected areas of Bihar on a war footing. In addition to providing emergency supplies and trauma care to the survivors taking shelters in various camps, the Art of Living is reaching out to more inaccessible areas as many villages are still submerged under water.

The Bangalore-headquartered NGO has already mobilised and dispatched relief materials worth more than Rs 10 crore to Bihar. It proposes to raise another Rs 40 crore for the rehabilitation of the victims.

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  1. Dear Bhaiya/Didi,

    Jai Gurudev.

    Given below are certain plans coming through me to enhance the Food Security of India through the efforts of entrepreneurs devoted to Gurudev (HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar).

    You are requested to kindly give your comments/suggestions on these plans; whether you would like to get involved in this enterprise; and also the widest publicity to these plans please.


    These plans are regarding an enterprise aiming to enhance the food security of India by leveraging the fertile land in the plains of North Bihar – the most fertile land in the world. The ‘Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India” (CWEI) has expressed its interest in these plans under their umbrella; but then this project/enterprise will be exclusively launched by them; and the CWEI would get all the CREDIT. I feel that the CREDIT should go where it is due – to Gurudev (HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) – because it was only after I did the Basic Course of the ‘Art of Living’ in my posting in Jabalpur (in Apr 2002) that my thoughts were seriously taken in this direction. And so, these plans are proposed to be executed with the help and involvement of a group of entrepreneurs devoted to Gurudev.

    I am Arun Kumar Jha, a 37 yr old serving officer of the Indian Army. I can retire from my service with Pension earliest by 30 June 2012, and the enterprise could start earliest by 13 May 2013 (Gurudev willing). Entrepreneurs (in India and across the world) devoted to Gurudev and interested in getting involved in this project/enterprise are requested to contact me at bpfp@rediffmail.com before 13 May 2010 (13 May being the Birth date of Gurudev).

    The following script has been prepared on the assumption that minimum FIVE (maximum Seven) entrepreneurs devoted to Gurudev interested in this project/enterprise would be available for this project, and that it will not be pursued through the CWEI.


    • The enterprise would carry out the Packaging and Marketing of Processed Food Products (prepared in North Bihar) over Internet from its HQ located in Chandigarh or Bangalore or in some other suitable city in India.
    • In the final stage, Food Parks of the enterprise (in North Bihar) would provide packaging and marketing facilities to Registered and Licensed Food Processing Units (FPUs) of the locals in the 24 districts of North Bihar.
    • That is, the enterprise would: -

    (a) Provide assistance to interested locals in North Bihar in the required Govt procedures concerning the registration and licensing of their FPUs.
    (b) Provide financial assistance to interested locals in North Bihar (if required) for raising their FPUs on researched Legal terms after the necessary background checks.
    (c) Suggest possible products to the FPUs, and their ideal methods of preparation.
    (d) Package the products of the FPUs (attractively) in the various Food Parks of the enterprise (in the presence of the representatives of the FPUs).
    (e) The Food Parks (BPFPs – Babu Pali Food Parks) of the enterprise would handle the Storage of the products of the FPUs, and their onward supply to destinations given by the HQ (over Internet).
    (f) The enterprise would carry out the packaging and marketing (sale) of the products of the (registered and licensed) FPUs – of the locals in North Bihar – FOR DECIDED PROFIT PERCENTAGES; all activity being computerised.
    (g) The confidence of the locals in North Bihar towards entrepreneurship (that is starting their own enterprises) would be raised by conducting Nav Chetna Shivirs by the Bihar chapter of the AOL.
    (h) Attention of the locals in North Bihar would be taken towards agriculture related entrepreneurship and they would be encouraged to produce items like Sattu, Daliya, Cornflakes, Chips and Sauces of all types, Soft Drinks including Fruit Juices and other products (like of ‘Makhana’; ‘Singhada’, etc).
    (i) The BPFPs in North Bihar would be raised in identified, flood free areas revealed through Satellite photo analysis and study of the history of identified areas on the ground.


    • Funds of around $ 10 Million to $ 50 Million (Rs 450 Crore to Rs 2500 Crore or more) are eventually anticipated for this enterprise.
    • This large amount of funds essential for the enterprise would be procured from Venture Capital (VC) after operating a profit-making FPU in Madhubani district of North Bihar over three yrs.
    • I, Arun Kumar Jha (presently 37 yrs of age), have physically visited the offices of many VC firms in Mumbai and Pune and have gained considerable insight into their functioning and requirements. I realise that any amount of funds – for the proper plans – can be procured from VCs in these times. I can confidently claim that I can procure the funds (of the manageable amount) for this enterprise after physically operating a profit-making FPU headquartered in my house in Madhubani city in North Bihar.
    • After the Decision-Making Board has been formed; I, Arun Kumar Jha (then 41 yrs), would operate the first FPU of the enterprise from my house in Madhubani city in North Bihar. The Marketing of the products of this FPU would be coordinated over Internet. The possible product of the first FPU of the BPFP Enterprises will be evolved by that time.


    Though many imponderables are possible with me till the time this enterprise begins (13 May 2013) it is being assumed that NATURE (Fate, Destiny) WILL ALSO COOPERATE WITH THE ENTERPRISE SINCE THE INTENTION WILL BE NOBLE. I am convinced that through me (and these plans), the Divine Power seeks to address the Food Security situation of India.


    I am Arun Kumar Jha, 37 yrs; presently a serving officer in the Indian Army. In the yr 1969, my father, completed his MA, PhD in Sanskrit and went to work in the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Research Institute in Lonavla in Pune district of Maharashtra from our village Babu Pali in Madhubani district of North Bihar. My father expired (unexpectedly) on 12 Aug 2008. He has left me, his only son, with a house in Talegaon Dabhade (near Pune) in Maharashtra; a house in Madhubani city in North Bihar; and a house in village Babu Pali in Madhubani district of North Bihar besides around 2 to 3 Acres of agricultural land and around 20 to 30 Mango trees in village Babu Pali. I was born in Lonavla in Jul 1971, and studied in Don Bosco, Lonavla and in Fergusson College, Pune before going for my Military training. Presently I am in the rank of Major in the Intelligence Corps of the Indian Army.

    I have survived a SEVERE Head Injury in Nov 1993 in which I was in Coma for 20 days because my skull was fractured in 23 places (in a Road Traffic Accident while undergoing a Military Course). I have presently lost most of the hair on my head and the scars (due to the Head Injury) are glaringly visible. Besides, in March 2007, my Shoulder was also dislocated following a seizure I had due to the Head Injury in Nov 1993. I have also undergone Lumbar Laminectomy L4 – L5 (removal of my L4 L5 vertebra) on 30 May 2007. All this notwithstanding, I feel fully physically FIT, and am confident that I am capable of executing these plans DESTINED to be routed through me.

    On my FAMILY front; I am married with a healthy wife (36 yrs from Madhubani district) and two healthy children (male, female both below 10 yrs) and Mother (61 yrs) to support. Viewed dispassionately, (with Drshta–Bhaav) all these facts concerning me would convince anybody – as they convince me – that I am THE PERSON who should be doing what I am doing!


    I can retire from service with Pension earliest by 30 June 2012. After I retire, I plan to locate my Mother, Wife and Children in Patna city in Bihar leading their lives on my Pension and on my SALARY as an EMPLOYEE of this enterprise. I would restrict myself to half the salary of an officer of the Indian Army with my service at the time of my retirement from service.


    I am in contact with the office of the President of India (Rashtrapati Bhavan) in connection with these plans and hope to get posted to Patna or to some other place in Bihar from Jan 2009 to 30 June 2012 in order to gain experience specific to these plans. I also hope to undergo the capsule course for ex-servicemen of India in entrepreneurship at Symbiosis College, Pune before I retire from service (that is before 30 June 2012). I also hope to get (Premature) discharge from service by 30 June 2012.


    A group of five entrepreneurs dedicated to Gurudev would be required for the first FPU of the planned enterprise in Madhubani city in North Bihar. It is hoped that this enterprise might start by 13 May 2013; and it will; if desired by Gurudev (and if the other conditions are also supportive).

    Gurudev favours Seva activity in Bihar by people originally from the area. I, meeting the criteria (born and brought up outside my village in North Bihar but still having my roots – relatives, house and property in the village as well as in Madhubani city nearby) want to utilise my experience (of 20 yrs of active Military service) to translate the above thoughts (plans) into action by 13 May 2013.

    The aim of this enterprise would be to enhance the food security of India by leveraging the fertile land in THE PLAINS OF NORTH BIHAR, THE MOST FERTILE LAND ON PLANET EARTH. These plans have evolved through me, (‘Major’ Arun Kumar Jha) over the (more than) six yrs since I came in contact with Gurudev (in Apr 2002, in my posting in Jabalpur, MP). I KNOW that this project is DESTINED to be a SEVA PROJECT by a group of entrepreneurs devoted to Gurudev – with me as the Chief Systems Officer. The ‘Charter of Duties’ of the Decision Making Body of the enterprise is being prepared, and will be sent to the entrepreneurs devoted to Gurudev and interested in getting involved in contacting me.

    Entrepreneurs from India and across the world; devoted to Gurudev and who would like to get INVOLVED in these plans (essentially a seva project envisaging an enterprise thriving on encouraging enterprises in the FERTILE North Bihar in the Agricultural sector) are requested to contact me at bpfp@rediffmail.com at the earliest (but before 13 May 2010).

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