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एकटा मित्र सं मिलल मैसेज मे किछ जॉब के जिक्र अछि. अगर अहां सभ के काज के अछि त अप्लाई करय मे देर नहि करब.
Afaqs.com needs Correspondent & Content Developer In Noida

Afaqs.com has two openings in Noida. They need a correspondent to report on the telecom sector, and a content developer to maintain their website.

Send your resume to : sonal.maheshwari@afaqs.com

 Linopipion Needs PR Executives in Mumbai

Linopinion is looking out for a PR Executive with 2 years of experience

Location: Mumbai.

Send your Resume to : shaili.jani@lintasindia.com
हमर ईमेल:-hellomithilaa@gmail.com

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