नवका- पुरनका लेख सर्च करु...

किछ मीडिया जॉब

अगर अहां पत्रकारिता, विज्ञापन आओर जनसंपर्क मे अपन करियर बनाबय चाहय छी तं अहांके लेल किछ अवसर अछि.
हम अहांके लेल एम्हर-ओम्हर सं पता चलल जॉब के एहिठाम राखि रहल छी.
उम्मीद अछि जे ई अहांक काज लायक

अगर ई अहांक जरूरत के मुताबिक अछि तं अप्लाई करय मे देर नहि करब. जतेक जल्दी अपन रिज्यूमे भेजब जॉब के चांस ओतेक बेसि रहत.
अहां सभ के हमर शुभकामना...

Outlookindia.com is looking for fresh graduates for its news hub in New Delhi.

If you think you have what it takes, please apply, with the words ‘Yes, I Can’ in the subject field of your email to: edit@outlookindia.com


Multiple Openings in Teamwork Communication Solutions Pvt. Ltd for 

* PR Executives
* Account Manager
* Business Development
* Content Writers

Send your resume to: patrika.teamwork@gmail.com


The Sunday Guardian is looking for Correspondents in New Delhi with at least five years’ experience.

Contact person:Ashish Kumar

Applicants need to write to:  job@sunday-guardian.com


Creative Inc is a full service advertising and brand development agency headquartered in Delhi with offices in Mumbai and Kolkata.

The agency works across all forms of integrated marketing for top of the line brands like Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TATA, Oracle, Incredible India, Delhi Tourism, LG and several others for over 17 years.

Requirement: Senior Executive, Account Servicing & Planning in New Delhi

Experience: 2-5 years

Candidate profile: Only Delhi/NCR based candidates should apply.

Post graduates (only marketing, advertising, mass communications) with related experience in advertising, event management and PR.

Contact person: Christina, Executive, HR & Admin

Email: careers@creative-inc.net


Insight Vision, an advertisement production house, requires a Marketing Manager in New Delhi.

Experience: 3-4 years

Contact person: Dipansh

Email: dipansh@insightvisionmedia.com


The Times of India is looking for a Chief Copy Editor for its Ahmedabad edition.

To apply: Interested candidates can send resumes and compensation / salary details to: sreepathy.hariprasad@timesgroup.com


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