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अपन मित्र सभ सं मिलल किछ संदेश मे अहां सभ के लेल किछ जॉबक बात सेहो अछि. अहां सभ संबंधित जॉब मे देल गेल ईमेल... फोन पर तुरंत सम्पर्क कs पता लगाबय के कोशिश करु . अगर अहां के लागैत अछि जे ओ जॉब अहांक लेल अछि त देर नहि करु...  तुरंत अप्लाई करु.

A political monthly based in Connaught Place, New Delhi, has openings.
* Reporters
* Associte Editors
* Deputy Editors
* Graphic Desiners
* Web designers
* Business Development Managers
* Subscription managers
* Circulation Managers
* Photographers
* Interns
Persons applying should have minimum 2 years experience in the respective fields except for Interns.
Mail your resume to editorfurtherance@yahoo.co.in
All applications should be reached latest by 7th of September.

WEb Designer seeks PHP Developer 

Canditate should be experienced in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, HTML, XHTML and CSS.

Position: PHP Programmer

Experience: 6 month/1 years
Location: Delhi
1. Template engine experience in open source tools like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Virtuemart, Magento.
2. Person should be well versed with Web2.0/Ajax/JQuery
3. Excellent knowledge of shopping carts and content management systems

Contact Person: Mukesh Marwah, 
Send Your Resume to:- marwah.mukesh@gmail.com , www.mukeshmarwah.net

Copy Editor and Sub Editors  
Organisation: Hardnews Media Pvt Ltd
City: New Delhi

Job profile: To manage the website and magazine with other members of the team. As Hardnews is a flat organization, everyone here is multi-skilled. Similar attributes would be expected from those applying for these jobs.
Experience required for the job: Copy editor: 5 years, Sub editors: 3 years
Salary offered: Rs 15-35, 000 per month
Contact person: Ashok Kumar, 
Send Your Resume to:- editors@hardnewsmedia.com
Phone: 011-26517545, 011-26528263.
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