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आई-काल्हि पत्रकारिता कॉलेज के पढ़ाई कs छात्र सभ इंटर्नशिप के लेल एम्हर-ओम्हर दौड़ि रहल छथिन्ह.  किछ कोर्स पूरा भेला के बाद नौकरी के लेल सेहो सभ ठाम रेज्यूम डालि रहल छथिन्ह. मुदा मंदी के कारण अखन सभ सं खराब हाल मीडिया इंडस्ट्री के अछि.  एहन मे जखन किछ ठाम लोक के जरूरत अछि आओर हमरा पता चलल त हम समझलहुं जे एकरा सभ सं पहिने अहां सभ के बता देल जाए.  अगर अहां सभ के लाएक एहि मे सं कोनो जॉब अछि त सम्पर्क करय मे देर नहि करु.   बेस्ट ऑफ लक...
Media Jobs
Brief job profile: Scriptwriter who can convert two of stories (a RomCom and one of 26/11) into the format as required by the Mumbai film industry…using Final Draft.
Contact: Rajiv Soni (chartered accountant), Founder, CEO mailto:rajsoni5@hotmail.com
Cell: 98-993-28283.

Copy Editor

Rupa & Co. is one of the leading publishing houses in India. looking for young, dynamic and enterprising candidates who have excellent English writing and speaking skills. The candidate should have a sharp eye for detail and will be required to edit and proofread manuscripts. He/she should also be able to rewrite text if required.

The candidate will be required to work with a team of editors and the production department to see the books through press. If selected, the candidate will be expected to rapidly grow to a level where he/she can handle a complete project on his/her own—from conceptualizing to providing marketing support after publication.

Please contact Rashmi Menon, Editor, at editorial@rupapublications.com
Client Servicing
Location Mumbai
Experience Minimum 1 year

Position Media Operations
Location Mumbai
Experience Minimum 1 year.

Position Finishing Artist
Location Mumbai
Experience Minimum 1 year

Position Web Designer
Location Mumbai
Experience A minimum of 1 year

Position Visualiser
Location Mumbai
Experience A minimum of 1 year.

Contact: (022) 26651564 / 26651565 / 9833247020
Contact Person Meenal / Seema

Graphic Designer
Location New Delhi
Experience 3-4 years of experience preferably from the Ad agency or Publishing company

Contact Person Vertica Dvivedi
Tel : 91-11-4165 0168 / 4602 6168
phone : 98110-31749

Digital Marketing Business Development Manager
Location Hyderabad
Experience Minimum 3 years experience in Digital Marketing

Position Senior Client Servicing Executive
Location Hyderabad
Experience Minimum 2 years experience in an advertising agency of repute

Tempest Advertising Pvt Ltd.
Tel: +91 40 27893819, 27893820, 27893821

Manager Marketing
Location New Delhi
Experience Experienced individual capable of generating meaningful revenues for the company

Position Field Marketing Executive
Location New Delhi
Experience 0-2 years. Freshers welcome
Remuneration Approx Rs 12,000/- + incentive + perks

Position Offset- Print Production Coordinator
Location New Delhi
Experience 3-4 years
Remuneration Approx Rs 18,000/- + perks

Mosaic Communications Pvt Ltd.
Contact Person Mr. Nikhil Aron
+91 11 460 83165

Location New Delhi
Experience 2-3 years in reputed national agency

Base Communication Pvt. Ltd..
Contact : 011-2984 1334 / 5 / 6
Contact Person Mr. Ashish Suda
Email  -

Account Manager
10 years of Experience

Account Executive
4 years of Experience

Media Manager
8 Years Of Experience

4 years of agency experience.

Free wrinkle strategic communications.
Contact Person Ms Deepa Hate
011- 28828311/28817677

NCR's first civil society-led community radio station in the NCR region, in Gurgaon (the rest are campus radio stations )... are looking for volunteers and interns who would like to work in a community-driven radio station that will allow them to get first hand experience in every aspect of radio production and broadcast.

Anyone interested, please contact Arti at arti@trfindia.org or call at 9811126336. For more information, please visit website www.trfindia.org

Copy Editors
Mint, the No. 2 business paper in the country, is looking for young, enthusiastic and creative minds for its copy desk, based out of Delhi.
Openings for Copy Editors with 1-5 years of experience. A background in business, though not a must, would be an advantage.
To apply, please contact Mint National Copy Chief Harjeet Ahluwalia at harjeet.a@livemint.com

Writers and editors
Writers and editors (Eng) for content for US market with 3-6 year experience. The package would be above 20k and can go upto 40 k depending on their experience.
Those interested, please send their detailed CVs to

Call Ajit Kumar- 9810340311

Production manager
Looking for production manager , art director... costume director.... executive producer... and creative head for an upcoming serial....... kindly send resume on

Casting people
Require actors between 30-40 with good comic timing for a film. Send in your pictures (max 5 pix, one headshot and one full length pix ). Mail to

HT Bhopal

1. Deputy News Editor
8-10 yrs experience

2. Deputy Chief Copy Editor
5-8 yrs Experience

Mail Resume to:


HR Department, HT Media Ltd
8/1, Malviya Nagar, Bhopal

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