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हेलो मिथिला पर अहांक विचार

अहां सभ के हमर नमस्कार. हेलो मिथिला पर अहां सभक सुझाव...विचार...कमेंट मिलैत रहैत अछि. ओ हमरा लेल बड़ काजक रहैत अछि. एहि बहाने अहां सभक प्यार मिलैत रहैत अछि. मुदा पिछला दिन ब्लॉग के सेटिंग गड़बड़ भs गेलाह के कारण अहां सभ हेलो मिथिला पर कमेंट नहिं दs पा रहल छलहुं. एहि के कारण अहां सभ के जे परेशानी भेल ओकरा लेल खेद अछि. ओना परेशानी दूर करय के कोशिश करलौं मुदा अहां के लागय जे अखन आओर किछ करय के जरूरत अछि त हमरा जरूर बतायब. अहांक विचार हमरा लेल बड़ मायने रखैत अछि. हेलो मिथिलाक सुधार के लेल अहां सभक विचार अनमोल होएत अछि. उम्मीद अछि अहांक सहयोग मिलैत रहत.
हितेंद्र कुमार गुप्ता

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2 टिप्‍पणियां:

  1. Sorry for posting in english. I will be very happy if you do certain things in your blog:
    1. Add Google Indic transliteration page. (Cut & paste is very cumbersome.)
    2. I think you are doing a very great job indeed, as in your post there are news about Mithila, but this post would very nice if you start certain things:
    a) Putting some maithlee literature. One day for literature. Later on you can create your web page too. Try to get copyrights regarding literature or post copyright free articles, which are being taught in schools, colleges, history of Mithila, famous rulers etc.. etc..

    b. You do the following thing which I am going to write but in unconsciuos manner. Try to give information about maithil festivals, why it is being celebrated etc..

    c. Description of present writers, their fotos, their emails. Information about their books.

    d. Description of famous maithil persons in all the fields. Like Profesor, Scientist, artists, etc.

    e. People like me who can only speak Maithlee, but cannot write Maithlee for them you can start Maithlee grammaar book, basic words, verbs, forms etc..

    f. Geographical maps of mithila.

    g. Try to give a section of Maithils abroad, what they are doing, how they have done the things, in which field they are working.

    I know my friend this si not a simple task, but your dedication is honest so I am suggesting all this to you..

    With regards

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  2. Ahank Vichaar barh neek achhi...Hum pichhla 6-7 maas san ekta site laabai me laagal chhee muda kichh takneeki kaaran san nahin bh paabi rahal achhi... domain book achhi space lel achhi...www.mithilanews.com aur www.hellomithila.in ke naam san. muda kichh adchan achhi... aur ohi dunu site me o sab chhai je ahan apan vichaar me uthaune chhee... dhanyawad... ehina apan sujhaav ...vichaar raakhait rahiyau.

    जवाब देंहटाएं

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