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किछ जॉब Media Jobs

1. Andrew Yule & Company Ltd.
( A Government of India Enterprise )

के जरूरत अछि

Hindi Officer के

बेसि जानकारी के लेल लॉग करु


2. Asian School Of Media Studies
NOIDA-201301 ( UP )

Invites well qualified and experienced professionals to teach theory and practice of film/ televison/radio/ print journalism/ multimedia technology/ business managment releted subjects to graduate and post graduate level students

please send your CV by post or Emal : info@aaft.com

3 Al Jazeera English news Channel

1. Executive Producer-Doha, ref : News/EP

2. Correspondents

3. News Editor-Doha, Ref: news/NE

4.Planning Editor-Doha, Ref: News/PE

5.Planning Producers, ref: News/ PP

6.Asst. Programme Editors, ref: News/APE

7. Deputy News Editors, ref: News/DNE

8. Output Producers, ref: News/OP

9. Website journalists-News& sports, ref web/news or sport

10. Asst Producers and researchers, ref: programme/Ap/res

To Apply for any of the vacancies send a cover letter and curent CV to


Last date 20th Oct.

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