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किछ जॉब- मीडिया, मार्केटिंग आओर मैनेजमेंट स जुड़ल

एहिठाम हम अहां सभ लेल मीडिया, मार्केटिंग आओर मैनेजमेंट स जुड़ल किछ जॉब क जानकारी राखि रहल छी.

मीडिया सं जुड़ल जॉबक जानकारी नहि क बराबर निकलैत अछि.

ओहन मे हमर नजर जखन कोनो ठाम एहन जॉबक जानकारी पर पड़ैत अछि तं हम अहां सभ के तुरंत देबय के कोशिश करय छी.

आन जॉबक जानकारी अहां के अखबार...पत्रिका... रोजगार समाचार टा मे मिल जाएत अछि...मुदा मीडिया
के नहि.

मुश्किल सं एक-दू टा मीडिया संस्थान नौकरी के विज्ञापन निकालय छथिन्ह जे हमरा पत्रकारक जरूरत अछि.

एहि लेल हमर कोशिश अहां सभ के मीडिया सं जुड़ल जॉब के बारे मे पता चलतन्हि अहां सभ के पास पहुंचाबय के रहैत अछि.

जेहि सं कि अपन मिथिला सं जुड़ल बेसि सं बेसि लोक मीडिया मे आबि लोक मे जागरूकता फैलाबय के काज करताह.


Design Emporia requires Content Writer in Noida Sector 62

Skills and Responsibilities

* Develop product content for the website
* Copy editing and proofreading
* Managing day to day operations like blog posting, content creation.Curating products and promoting them through blogs.

Experience: 0-2 years

Salary: Rs 12,750 – 15000 per month

Send Your Resume To: swatipant@designemporia.in


Digital Marketing Opening with Jade Magnet

Desired Skills & Experience:
• Someone with 2-4 years experience in Search Marketing is preferred
• Google Analytics or additional certification will be an added advantage
• Experience of working extensively on long term client engagements for Search Marketing
• Extensive knowledge of keyword research, performance metrics, ad copy/ LP testing, bidding strategy & optimisation across multiple search engines
• Passion and ability to work in start-ups
• Strong communication skills – oral & written are required
• Knowledge and experience of web analytics tools

Send Your Resume To: manik@jademagnet.com


Creative Inc needs Management Trainee/s in Delhi
Creative Inc is an integrated Brand Development and Marketing Communications agency. Strong focus on B2B and B2C sectors. Accounts across various industries like Electronics, Media, Insurance, Education and Retail. .

Experience: 0-1 year

Candidate profile:Graduates / Post graduates (Mass communication/BA English/MA English), great communication skills. Highly motivated, energetic with a go getter attitude.

Compensation offered: As per industry standards

Send your resume to: careers@creative-inc.net


Color Doppler magazine needs Reporter/ Copy Editor in Kozhikode

Experience: 0-1 Year

Brief job profile:Responsibilities include development and management of the magazine’s editorial voice and style, editorial calendar, assimilating daily content for publishing on the magazine’s website, etc.

Qualification: Good command over English. Fluency in Hindi is preferable.

Send Your Resume To: saraswathy@colordopplermedia.com

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