नवका- पुरनका लेख सर्च करु...

10वीं पास विद्यार्थी के लेल स्कॉलरशिप..

आई एकटा मेल आएल रीतेश पाठकजीक... मेल के मुताबिक एहि बेरक 10वीं परीक्षा में 80प्रतिशत सं बेसि अंक सं पास करय वाला आर्थिक रूप सं कमजोर विद्यार्थी के स्कॉलरशिप मिल सकय छनि. एहि के लेल अहां हमरा आएल मेल के पढ़ि लिअ...
Dear all,
If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard this year (April 2010) and scored more than 80%, please ask them to contact the NGO-Prerana (supported by Infosys foundation).
The NGO is conducting a written test and those who clear the test will be eligible for financial help for their further studies. Please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below to get the form:
580, Shubhakar, 44th cross, 
1st A main road, Jayanagar, 7th block, 
Contact numbers:
1. Ms. Saraswati - 99009 06338
2. Mr. Shivkumar - 99866 30301
3. Ms. Bindu - 99645 34667
हमर ईमेल:-hellomithilaa@gmail.com

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