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आर्ट ऑफ लिविंग सेहो बाढ़ि पीड़ित केर मदद केर लेल आगां आएल अछि ई नीक गप्प अछि. अगर अहां सभ के मदद भेजबा मे कोनो दिक्कत भs रहल अछि त हिनका सभ सं सम्पर्क कs सकय छी. जे लोकनि ओहि ठाम जाs क मदद करय चाहय छी त हिनका सभ के संग ओतय जा सेहो सकय छी.

Art of Living appeals for contribution to help flood victims

Material worth Rs 10 crore being dispatched, pledges another Rs 40 crore

The Art of Living has issued a heart felt appeal to one and all to join in the relief operation in the flood-affected areas of Bihar. The Bangalore-headquartered NGO of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji has already mobilized relief materials worth Rs 10 crore through its volunteer network throughout the country. It will also raise another Rs 40 crore for rehabilitation of the flood victims.

Appealing people to donate generously to help the victims, Sri Sri said, "At the time of such a national calamity, it is our duty to help the people of Bihar and exhibit the innate human value of love, compassion and service."

The Art of Living welcomes contribution in cash and kind. Cash contribution can be made in favour of


A/C NO. 363010100055259,


For contribution in kind, please contact
Raj Waghre , contact no 9886153689 .

A team of volunteers including doctors have already reached the affected areas and providing relief to the victims. Based on the feedback from the volunteers on the field, plastic sheets, medicines, food items, clothes, candles, boats, are urgently needed for the relief operations.

Truckloads of relief material will be reaching the affected areas soon accompanied by teams of volunteers. The organization has also launched massive collection drives to solicit support from all sections of society. A truckload each of sarees and T-shirts has been already dispatched from Surat and Tirupur. Two water purifying machines which can operate without electricity or battery are being sent from Pune. Youth wing of the art of Living is actively collecting relief such as chura, jaggery, sattu, match boxes, medicines, etc.

Please contact me for any queries.
Warm regards
Sangeeta G. Anand
The Art Of Living ( Delhi&NCR )
Mobile: + 91 9811335074


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